The Art of Storytelling:
Documentary Photography

25 Nov 2014 - Vickie Lewis

I love stories. I come from a family of storytellers. My dad turned 83 this year. And still it’s not surprising to go on some errand with him only to ‘lose’ him—and then find him sharing stories with a stranger. And so, looking back, it’s not that surprising that I chose a career in photojournalism—my…


The Moving Image is Here to Stay and this is Why

20 Nov 2014 - Grant Scott

The moving image is the brash newcomer to the world of professional photography and I embraced it just a few months after it made its entrance. As I have previously stated I am not somebody who is obsessed by cameras or technology, but I cannot talk about the importance of the moving image without discussing…


Contrast and Ways to Control It

18 Nov 2014 - John and Barbara Gerlach

Contrast In any ordinary scene and its image there are two major kinds of contrast, color contrast and tonality contrast. Color contrast is the difference between colors, for example, blue and yellow, but it is tonality contrast that interests us here. Tonality contrast is a measure of the difference between brightnesses of a hue, for…


FREE DOWNLOAD – Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2 Update

13 Nov 2014 - Martin Evening

Welcome to the latest Adobe Photoshop CC bulletin update.  This is provided free to ensure everyone can be kept up-to-date with the latest changes that have taken place in Photoshop CC. This bulletin describes the latest changes to the main Photoshop program.  For a complete description of how to use these new Photoshop tools, with…


Learning to Focus Like a Camera

11 Nov 2014 - Andy Batt, Candace Dobro, Jodie Steen

Our eyes and brains sample many different points of focus almost simultaneously and take in a wide view that includes information from our peripheral vision.  We combine all that information to create our vision, and our brains respond almost instantaneously.  They allow us to concentrate on what’s in front of us, putting everything we see…


November – December Photo Contest
Theme: Capturing the Moment

05 Nov 2014 - Sloane Stinson

To enter Focal Press’s November – December Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Capturing the Moment Inspired by the book: Capturing the Moment Guest Judge – Michael Freeman Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: -          A copy of the book Capturing the Moment -          $200 worth of Focal Press books of your choice! Two Runner Ups -         …


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