Black and White Photography – Contrast High

29 Jul 2014 - Michael Freeman

Black and white lends itself to high-contrast treatment much more so than color for two reasons. One is that monochrome is not held in check by the expectation that it is a faithful and realistic version of things. The other is that increasing contrast is a particularly good way of emphasizing structure and form— and…


Long Exposures

24 Jul 2014 - Simon Bond

A long exposure is when you keep the shutter open for an extended period of time, usually somewhere in the range of ½ sec or more— perhaps even several minutes. Long exposures can be a lot of fun and can produce some stunning results, as the images you record are very different to the scene…


The Rule: Sharper is Better – Break the Rule: Embrace the Blur

22 Jul 2014 - Haje Jan Kamps

The Rule: Sharper is Better What is sharpness? In photography, sharpness is the quality of your photos that renders a clear image of your subject. Your photos will become sharper by: • using high-quality photographic equipment • sticking to the “sweet spot” of your lenses (they tend to be sharpest around two stops smaller than…


Zoom Burst

17 Jul 2014 - Simon Bond

A zoom burst is achieved by changing the focal length of the lens while the camera is exposing. This technique can give you stunning results when used well. There are a few variables to consider when using this technique and these are as follows. The variables are zoom direction (in or out), location, flash, time…


Why Transmitted Light Photography?

15 Jul 2014 - Bob Rewick

This is the fifth and last in a series of posts about transmitted light photography. This is about lighting from a perspective that I believe most of us are unfamiliar with, and one that shows a subject from a previously unseen perspective: its interior. In this last post, let’s look at a simple question: Why…


Surreal Photography – Miniature #2

10 Jul 2014 - Daniela Bowker

Below is an excerpt from Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible by Daniela Bowker Miniature #2 By Vanessa Paxton The concept behind this image was simple: a miniature girl in a normal-sized world. I thought that it would be interesting to use photography to bring to life the story of Thumbelina with some images inspired by…


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