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Mobile photography tips at music festivals

19 Aug 2014 - Richard Gray

We’re now heading into the peak of music festival season and if you’ve got tickets to one of the many festivals around the world this summer but don’t want the extra burden of taking your big DSLR, here are a few tips to help you get some good pictures with your mobile. Classic festival characters…


Your Photography Business – Your Brand Across Medium & Platform

14 Aug 2014 - Danielle Currier

An Integrated, Cohesive Approach In many ways your online presence is even more critical than your portfolio book because it can reach more people, across any distance, faster than ever and when it’s convenient to them. It’s instantaneous. If a creative director is looking for a particular talent, chances are the first place they’re going…


The Rule: Always simplify your images – Break the Rule: Capture complication

12 Aug 2014 - Haje Jan Kamps

The Rule: Always simplify your images Beginning photographers often make the mistake of trying to do too much, and include too many things in their photographs, resulting in a busy shot that seems to have no real purpose or focus. If you ever have a chance to look at some famous photographs you’ll notice that…


May – June Photo Contest Winners:

07 Aug 2014 - Sloane Stinson

Congratulations to our May – June Photo Contest Winners! The theme was “Distortion.” Theme: Distortion Inspired by the book: Lensbaby: Bending Your Perspective Guest Judge: Corey Hilz Read excerpts from Lensbaby: All That Blur… Slice Vs. Sweet Spot Buy from Amazon! Comments from Corey: “Grand Prize winner: JOHN8500-Flight: The use of distortion in this photograph…


Black and White Photography – Contrast Low

05 Aug 2014 - Michael Freeman

Also see earlier post on Black and White Photography – Contrast High Black-and-white imagery can be given a wide range of treatments, certain classes of scenes respond well to a low-contrast approach. Low-Contrast Scene Limestone peaks and pillars glimpsed through shifting clouds around the summit of Huangshizai in Hunan are typical of the landscapes that…


Free-to-View Photography & Digital Imaging eBooks!

04 Aug 2014 - Mastering Photo

At Focal Press, we believe that learning, improving your skills, and enhancing your careers is often a team effort. We are dedicated to helping animators of all skill levels take their next professional step. As part of this commitment, we are have made a selection of our books freely available to view during the month…


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