Outdoor Action & Adventure Photography: Protecting Yourself and Your Gear

16 Apr 2015 - Dan Bailey

Securing the camera When people talk about camera security, they usually mean keeping it from being stolen. I’m talking about not dropping it and having it go careening down the cliff while you watch little bits of metal and glass fly off before it finally explodes into a thousand pieces. (I’ve seen this happen.) Or…

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How to Create Crystal-scapes with a Microscope

14 Apr 2015 - Bob Rewick

Microscope and Set-Up Microscope photography, technically known as photo microscopy, offers a unique opportunity to view the world from a perspective beyond the realm of the human eye. However, many common microscope subjects, such as insects and biological specimens, do not appear photographically of interest from an artistic or creative point of view. Moreover, these…


Teachers on Teaching Photography – Student Engagement
By Amada Quintenz-Fiedler

09 Apr 2015 - Glenn Rand, Jane Alden Stevens & Garin Horner

In celebration of the publication of the new edition of Teaching Photography: Tools for the Imaging Educator, 2nd Edition, authors Glenn Rand, Jane Alden Stevens and Garin Horner asked some of their colleagues to share their views on the challenges of teaching photography. Below is a contribution by Amada Quintenz-Fiedler. Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler received a Master…


DSLR proves adequate replacement for iPhone camera!

07 Apr 2015 - Richard Gray

It was the first day of my visit and I was checking my Instagram and already planning some shots of one of the world’s most photogenic cities, when disaster struck. My iPhone was suddenly knocked out of my hand and — smash! The screen was shattered. I was in New York on a trip that…

FIGURE 24 The same photo in black and white (A) and color (B). In this case, the color wasn’t contributing anything useful to the image, and in fact the muted colors on this rainy day were lowering the overall energy. Converting to black and white and increasing the contrast helped raise the energy.

Black and White vs. Color Photography

02 Apr 2015 - Ellen Anon

If color is so great, then why is black-and-white photography so popular? One simple reason is that it removes color as a component completely, removing any visual intensity and extraneous subtext that the color contributed to the image. If your image is a little too intense, removing the color might put its visual intensity back…

Figure 6.2 New Guide Dialog with values for the first guide

How to Create A Template in Photoshop

31 Mar 2015 - Jeffrey Tranberry

To create multiple images from a single file, you need to set up that single file. This file is called a template. It is a layered Photoshop file built generically. How you set up the file is important. Each layer can potentially be replaced with external data. So how you name and arrange those layers…


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