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Achieving your potential as a digital photographer

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Achieving your potential as a digital photographer.
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Achieving your potential as a digital photographer involves so many things—good photographic technique, of course, but also a clear understanding of where you want to go with the photography. Is it a hobby? Is it a business? Do you just enjoy photography because it shows your personal view of the world or is there something more that you want? This kind of self-introspection can be difficult but most revealing, and can carry over into your everyday life, helping you realize the joy and fulfillment of meeting your goals.

Harold Davis is an internationally-known digital artist and award-winning professional photographer. He is the author of many photography books. In addition to his activity as a bestselling book author, Harold Davis is a Moab Master printmaker and a Zeiss Lens Ambassador.


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When it comes to digital photography and postproduction – with great power comes great responsibility. Just because one can do something, it doesn’t mean one should do it. Digital or not, images need to have a certain visual logic and clarity. The goal is to create a seamless illusion. For the illusion to work, your viewers should pay no attention to the wizard behind the curtain.


Waterdrops reflect and refract the world around them, creating exciting globes of color. But waterdrops also magnify, behaving in this way like camera lenses.


There are famous photographers who have believed that only completely end-to-end “tack sharp” photos are true art. But I don’t subscribe to this viewpoint. Sharpness is not a moral issue. Furthermore, unsharpness itself can be an attractive compositional element, particularly when it comes to flowers.

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