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Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner, author of Wedding Photography Now!, has a thriving business as a wedding and portrait photographer, shooting nuptials across the United States and the world from her base in Maine. She also runs workshops and keeps her fans updated via her blog. Michelle was featured as the 2009 wedding and portrait photographer in the 2009 edition of Photographer's Market.

Posts by Michelle Turner:

Couples portraits

Perspective & Settings for Couple’s Portraits


A big part of how a final image will look depends upon where you are positioned and what equipment and settings you choose to use. Are you going to take the photograph from below or from above? From a lower perspective to minimize or from a higher perspective? Emphasizing an object in the foreground or…

Couple's posting

Wedding Photography – Couple Action & Interaction 101


Two photographs with couples in similar body positions can take on two very different moods simply by tweaking the interaction within the photograph. There are some actions and interactions which are more awkward for some clients, while others simply require a “warm-up” period before you start getting into the more intimate interactions. If I find…


Wedding Photography: Trash the Dress


I love it when the bride and groom commission me to shoot a Day After session,popularly known as a “Trash the Dress” session. They get dressed up (often in the wedding dress and tux again), so they look beautiful together, but they do not have the pressures of the wedding day. There are no time…

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