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Richard Gray

Richard Gray is a passionate and eclectic photographer with both mobile and big cameras. His images have been published by Vogue, NME, Sunday Times and The Evening Standard, amongst others. He won the 2013 Terry O’Neill mobile category and his images have appeared in a number of exhibitions around the world, including the 2013 Mobile Masters at MacWorld. In early 2012 he launched the world's first live course in mobile photography with Kensington and Chelsea College in London, where he also curated an exhibition of his students' work. He has given courses with The Photographers' Gallery and The British Journal of Photography. Richard is a professional photographer syndicated to Press Association, covering music and other events (see for various magazines. He is also house photographer at Bush Hall, an independent music venue in London. He is @rugfoot on social media.


Posts by Richard Gray:

Instagram homepage 2015_FEAT

Instagram: Then and Now


Instagram 7.3 was recently launched and the photo-sharing platform is now approaching its fifth birthday. How has it changed in that time? Of course, it now has a lot more features and is a more sophisticated app. But what was Instagram like back then and what’s its purpose now? When I joined in March 2011,…


Taking Photos of Rock Stars and Other Animals


In a recent masteringphoto piece, I compared taking photos at a rock concert to mountaineering. Today I’m drawing a different comparison: I recently took some photos at London Zoo, and as I wandered amongst the animals, I started finding similarities to my more usual photography habitat of London’s concert halls. There may have been a…


Music Photography – Shooting the Big Stage


I recently wrote about the pros and cons of shooting from the hallowed photographers pit at gigs. Of course, the main benefit of shooting from the pit is to get close. But what do you do when you have a pass to the photo pit, but upon arrival, you find you’re still not very close?…

Music Photography – Thinking Outside the Pit


A while back I wrote about how to get a pass to take photos at a gig. That pass not only gives you permission to take photos, it will also allow you into the hallowed photo pit, if the venue has one, usually during the first three songs. But, like buying an expensive lens, getting…


DSLR proves adequate replacement for iPhone camera!


It was the first day of my visit and I was checking my Instagram and already planning some shots of one of the world’s most photogenic cities, when disaster struck. My iPhone was suddenly knocked out of my hand and — smash! The screen was shattered. I was in New York on a trip that…


So you want to win a mobile photo competition?


The MPAs and the IPPAs: the two leading mobile-only photography awards All photography competitions are businesses in some form or other. Some competitions make profits for their organisers, some are marketing vehicles for their sponsors, others are designed to build archives of photos for sale and some simply want your contact details so they can…

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