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Rick Sammon

Award-winning photographer Rick Sammon is a man on a mission – a mission to make learning digital image-making fun, creative, exciting and reward. He has published 36 books (including seven children’s books), offers 11 iPad and iPhone apps, and has more than a dozen online classes. He is a regular columnist for Digital Photo and Adventure Rick hosts inspirational, photography and Photoshop shows on, and runs more than a dozen photography workshops and presentations around the world each year. Rick was named on of the best photographers by and one of the best travel photographers by He reaches his wide audience of photo enthusiasts through his blog, books, how-to videos, iPhone and iPad apps, the Digital Photo Experience podcast and an expanding following (almost a million total at the time of this publication) on social media. He also presents at Photoshop World. He is also a Canon Explorer of Light, a Westcott Top Pro Elite, Lexar Pro, and a x-rite Coloratti. Rick also plays guitar, bass guitar and keyboards, one of his great joys in life.


Posts by Rick Sammon:


The Power of EDR (Extended Dynamic Range)


I came up with the term EDR (Extended Dynamic Range) image after trying to push the limits of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), which are comparable to the limits we find in Adobe’s Lightroom too. Pushing the limits means trying to see how much detail can be pulled out of the shadows, and how much the…


Getting the Most Out of a Photography Workshop – A Participant’s 10 Responsibilities


I teach a lot of workshops throughout the year. Every so often a workshop participant asks: “How come I’m not getting the shots that the other photographers are getting?” That is exactly what happened on one of my Alaska workshops during a four-hour encounter we had with some killer whales who were teaching their young…


Photography, Accidental Inventions and the Space–Time Continuum
By Rick Sammon


In this excerpt, I’d like to share with you two concepts that may, at first, sound a bit far out. After reading about them, however, I think you will see how they make sense when it comes to your photography. In addition, I think they will also give you a feeling of satisfaction about the…

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