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Robert Golden

Robert Golden graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Design and attended the London School of Film Technique. He became a Director of Photography for the BBC. This led to extensive photojournalistic assignments, working for magazines in the USA and England. He originated and produced numerous photographic stories and made portraits of many personalities. He conceived and shot the award winning 'PEOPLE WORKING SERIES' published by Penguin, DOWN THE ROAD about unemployment, and was a major contributor to THE AMERICAN AIR AND SPACE and the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM CATALOGS. He became Chairman of the Association of Photographers and created the Association Awards for which he received the Chairman's Award. His photographs and films have been seen, displayed, and celebrated across the globe.


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ian embraces Will Corke -FEAT

Why Photograph Real Life?


I am thinking now about the lack of those essential elements of life which make possible a real society of human beings. The great fundamental lack, which is apparent everywhere in our civilised world, is the total absence of anything approaching a communal existence. We have become spiritual nomads; whatever pertains to the soul is…


What is a Portrait?


If I am to spend my time looking at a portrait, I will want several things from it: an increase in my knowledge through learning something meaningful to my life about the subject or about existence; an increase in the sense of my own humanity through being transformed by the humanity inherent in the depiction;…

Zoe and Abi_FEAT

Finding Purpose


Photographs are seen to be faithful copies of the world (not forgetting the powers of Photoshop). But in three essential ways they have never been more than facsimiles. 1. They reduce the total viewable spectrum seen by the human eye from one million to one, to about one thousand to one. 2. They change the…

Rail Platform

Style and Content: The Questions of a Photographer


Some call the look of pictures ‘style’. Although that is a convenient word, the look of a photograph is made from many conscious and unconscious decisions, and from out of the entire personal history and social context of the photographer. ‘Style’ is therefore more than a passing fashion. Each photographer has a language composed of…


What to Photograph?


Some say there are only seven basic stories from which all others arise; I think this is true about the themes we draw upon as well. If you outline your deepest concerns, in the end they are probably reduced to very simple things shared by most of us: a desire for love, beauty, and knowledge;…

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Why Photograph?


This is not in the first case a blog about technique; there are already many good books and blogs available; it is about ideas and how they inform the picture making process; it is about developing a fundamental point of view, the bedrock of picture making. Finally it is about deciding what to photograph and…

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