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Steven Biver

Steven Biver has over twenty years of experience as a commercial photographer specializing in portraits, still life, photomontage, and digital manipulation. His client list includes Johnson & Johnson, USDA, William & Mary College, Conde Nast, and IBM. He has been honored with awards from Communication Arts, Graphis, HOW Magazine, and Adobe, who have also included his work on a Photoshop 'extras' disc to inspire other photographers.


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About Lighting Ratios


Lighting ratios—they’re often misunderstood, and that’s unfortunate because, as you are about to see, there’s nothing that’s really complex about them. If you want to understand what lighting ratios are, all you have to do is to think of one word—“contrast.” That’s what they are about. Put simply, lighting ratios are nothing more than a…


Portrait Shoot Preparation – The Four “W” Questions


Generally speaking, getting ready for a portrait shoot involves “what, who, when, and where”— the four “W” questions that are at the heart of so many of the preparations we make in life. Once you can answer them, you’re pretty much good to go. What? The answers to two very different “what” questions are at…

photographic storytelling

Look Before you Shoot


Much to your delight, you stumble on some great place to shoot. There, before your eyes, are lots of fascinating people doing all sorts of fascinating things. You are, in other words, in a portrait maker’s paradise. So you grab your camera and start blazing away. Wrong move! Always stop before you start. Be aware…

portrait lighting setup

Portrait Talk 4 with Steven Biver


A good selection of studio strobes is a great asset for any portrait photographer. Unfortunately, however, it’s also an expensive asset—as in thousands of dollars. This rather regrettable truth is enough to discourage many would-be portraitists. But it need not be. The fact that you don’t have a studio packed full of high-tech and high-priced…

portrait lighthing

Portrait Talk with Steven Biver


The Flemmings are a warm and charming family. They’re also a family for whom music is very important. And those were the qualities I set out to show when I made this portrait of them. The lighting I used could not have been simpler. It consisted of nothing more than a single large (4-foot 3…

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