The World is Flat, Until It’s Not: Definitions in Photography


In order to communicate effectively, words need to mean something.  Definitions must be made.  Labels must be had.  Humans are really great organizers.  We put things into categories and groups to easier understand and make sense of massive amounts of data. The problem?  We tend to get stuck or stay with what we know or…

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Why Photograph Real Life?


I am thinking now about the lack of those essential elements of life which make possible a real society of human beings. The great fundamental lack, which is apparent everywhere in our civilised world, is the total absence of anything approaching a communal existence. We have become spiritual nomads; whatever pertains to the soul is…

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Finding Purpose


Photographs are seen to be faithful copies of the world (not forgetting the powers of Photoshop). But in three essential ways they have never been more than facsimiles. 1. They reduce the total viewable spectrum seen by the human eye from one million to one, to about one thousand to one. 2. They change the…

The art of the edit 1

The Art of the Edit


Over the years in which I have been involved with professional photography I have edited literally thousands of images—and that is how you learn how to edit. You have to look at photographs, lots of photographs, created by other photographers; you cannot learn to edit by looking purely at your own work. It is often…


20th Century Photographers – Art Kane


Below is part of an interview by Grace Schaub that can found in the just published book 20th Century Photographers: Interviews on the Craft, Purpose, and the Passion of Photography. To view examples of Art Kane’s work, visit www.artkane.com. Art Kane (1925–1995) was well known for his editorial and advertising photography. He was a photographic…

Constable at the V&A

Would you buy this pizza? Why the Instagram power user system is phony


The story of how Instagram power users (i.e. users with more than 100,000 followers) can make money from Instagram is not a new one. But we usually get only half the story. This was the case last week when respected UK national newspaper The Guardian printed a piece about companies hiring Instagram users with large…

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