That’s Not A Fashion Photograph…


There seems to be a serious misunderstanding amongst photographers hoping to be seen as and work as fashion photographers about what constitutes a fashion photograph. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been presented with a portfolio or website of ‘fashion images’ by an enthusiastic but commercially naïve aspiring fashion photographer, leaving…


Photography as Activism – Conflict Photographer Stephen Dupont


The following is part of a 2010 interview with conflict photographer Stephen Dupont.  The full interview is published in the book Photography as Activism: Images for Social Change by Michelle Bogre. It’s odd to think that Stephen Dupont, known today as one of the profession’s best conflict photographers, began his career as a commercial photographer…


Free-to-View Photography & Digital Imaging eBooks!


At Focal Press, we believe that learning, improving your skills, and enhancing your careers is often a team effort. We are dedicated to helping animators of all skill levels take their next professional step. As part of this commitment, we are have made a selection of our books freely available to view during the month…

Clown Image Paris Photo Focal Press 06 Jan 2014 IMG_5927

Simply Gorgeous – More Than Just Eye Candy, Paris Photo 2013


Sumptuous Fair Looking back at the inventory of art exhibitions, photo expos and openings offered in 2013 and evaluating what was the most impressive, I say, hands down, it was the French capital’s Paris Photo – a 4-day annual fete of tantalizing imagery. The 17th edition of the fair revealed the most delicious assortment of…


Photographs as Digital Networked Images


It is now the case that the vast generality of photographic images now enter fibre optic and telecommunication networks as numeric data and are transmitted, stored, and shared in this coded form. Invisible to human beings but readable by machines (computers), these images only rarely, if at all, take the form or ‘output’ of a…


Is the photography we now have truly photography?


The changes which photography has undergone in the last two decades have created a degree of uncertainty about how we understand its contemporary status or condition. Indeed, that last phrase, ‘contemporary status or condition’ begs the question. Is the photography we now have truly photography?  Maybe it is photography, but photography by other (digital) means?…

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