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FREE DOWNLOAD – Adobe Photoshop CC Update: Camera Raw 9.0


Welcome to the latest Adobe Photoshop CC bulletin update.  This is provided free to ensure everyone can be kept up-to-date with the latest changes that have taken place in Photoshop CC. This bulletin describes the latest changes to Camera Raw.  For a complete description of how to use these new Photoshop tools, with diagrams and…


Photography, Accidental Inventions and the Space–Time Continuum
By Rick Sammon


In this excerpt, I’d like to share with you two concepts that may, at first, sound a bit far out. After reading about them, however, I think you will see how they make sense when it comes to your photography. In addition, I think they will also give you a feeling of satisfaction about the…

FIGURE 24 The same photo in black and white (A) and color (B). In this case, the color wasn’t contributing anything useful to the image, and in fact the muted colors on this rainy day were lowering the overall energy. Converting to black and white and increasing the contrast helped raise the energy.

Black and White vs. Color Photography


If color is so great, then why is black-and-white photography so popular? One simple reason is that it removes color as a component completely, removing any visual intensity and extraneous subtext that the color contributed to the image. If your image is a little too intense, removing the color might put its visual intensity back…


Camera Raw as a Photoshop Filter:
The video and by the book


VIDEO TUTORIAL: Camera Raw adjustments can now be applied as a filter, within Photoshop. This means it is now possible to access the power of Camera Raw while working on an image open in Photoshop. This movie shows how using Camera Raw as a filter helped create the cover image used for the book.  Click below…


FREE DOWNLOAD – Adobe Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts for PC and Mac


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD – Adobe Photoshop CC Keyboard Shortcuts for PC and Mac! This PDF chapter contains 31 pages of tables that show nearly all of the known keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, Camera Raw and Bridge. This is just one of many resources that can be found on the companion website for the book…


HDR Tone Mapping vs. Exposure Fusion (What’s the Difference and Does it Matter?)


One of the oldest challenges in photography is to capture important details in both highlight and shadow areas. Unfortunately, film or digital cameras can only record a finite range of brightness. The introduction of High Dynamic Range (HDR) software in recent years has become a popular way of dealing with this challenge. In addition, options…

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