Setting Up Your First Studio – Getting Your Lights Right


There are, of course, many ways of getting started with such a venture. Depending on one’s interests and the girth of one’s wallet, photography studios can range from small and bare-boned to huge and state-of-the-art. For both instructional clarity and financial reality we have written this chapter to reflect the lower end of that scale….


Shooting Video with DSLRs— Some Tips for Photographers


Use the basic tools of photography When I tell my students that they should master photography before shooting video, they think I’m kidding.  But the tools of photography offers all the basic tools required to shoot good video: Composition Lighting Color balance ISO settings F-stops Focus Lenses Depth of field Not to mention the more…


Shooting a Wedding Video with Your DSLR – The Basics


When shooting a wedding there are permanent factors that you must take into consideration. With a wedding, you will rarely ever get a second chance to get your shot. Things happen fast and you must be prepared to work efficiently with the tools you have and what is available within your surroundings. Bringing too much…


Media Card Management, Workflow and Recovery


With just about any camera system, you capture your images directly to some kind of flash memory card; CF, SD and Micro SD are the most common ones. These durable cards are the workhorses of the capture process—saving, transferring and being formatted over and over during their lifetime. Your images are at their most fragile…


The Moving Image is Here to Stay and this is Why


The moving image is the brash newcomer to the world of professional photography and I embraced it just a few months after it made its entrance. As I have previously stated I am not somebody who is obsessed by cameras or technology, but I cannot talk about the importance of the moving image without discussing…


Contrast and Ways to Control It


Contrast In any ordinary scene and its image there are two major kinds of contrast, color contrast and tonality contrast. Color contrast is the difference between colors, for example, blue and yellow, but it is tonality contrast that interests us here. Tonality contrast is a measure of the difference between brightnesses of a hue, for…

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