Shoot Sharp Images – Handheld Photography Techniques


START WITH A CLEAN LENS The lens focuses the light onto the imaging sensor. If there is any debris—dust, hair, water spots—the light that should pass through the lens can’t at that spot, and the image loses a little color and sharpness. You should always keep the glass surfaces of the lens clean. When not…


May – June Photo Contest
Theme: A Force of Nature


To enter Focal Press’s May – June Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  A FORCE OF NATURE Inspired by the book: Digital Nature Photography: The Art and the Science, 2nd Edition Guest Judges – John and Barbara Gerlach Prizes: Grand Jury Winner: –          A copy of the book Digital Nature Photography, 2e –          $200 worth…


Outdoor Action & Adventure Photography: Protecting Yourself and Your Gear


Securing the camera When people talk about camera security, they usually mean keeping it from being stolen. I’m talking about not dropping it and having it go careening down the cliff while you watch little bits of metal and glass fly off before it finally explodes into a thousand pieces. (I’ve seen this happen.) Or…

The art of the edit 1

The Art of the Edit


Over the years in which I have been involved with professional photography I have edited literally thousands of images—and that is how you learn how to edit. You have to look at photographs, lots of photographs, created by other photographers; you cannot learn to edit by looking purely at your own work. It is often…


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 2: Metering Solutions For Snow


EXPOSING FOR SNOW As we’ve seen, your camera’s meter is programmed to interpret each and every scene you aim it at in the same way, and when it comes to photographing very bright scenes—such as snow—it is quite likely to get the exposure consistently wrong. Fortunately, we can use the histogram to see what went…


Photographing Snowscapes – Exposure Issues
Part 1: Reading the Histogram


EXPOSURE ISSUES Snow is such an exciting aspect of photographing in winter. It is exciting because for many of us it’s something that happens relatively infrequently, making it naturally special when it does occur. Yet as exciting as snow is, it is incredibly challenging, and can play havoc with your in-camera exposure metering, no matter…

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