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That’s Not A Fashion Photograph…


There seems to be a serious misunderstanding amongst photographers hoping to be seen as and work as fashion photographers about what constitutes a fashion photograph. I cannot count the amount of times that I have been presented with a portfolio or website of ‘fashion images’ by an enthusiastic but commercially naïve aspiring fashion photographer, leaving…

Couple's posting

Wedding Photography – Couple Action & Interaction 101


Two photographs with couples in similar body positions can take on two very different moods simply by tweaking the interaction within the photograph. There are some actions and interactions which are more awkward for some clients, while others simply require a “warm-up” period before you start getting into the more intimate interactions. If I find…




Digiscoping has brought bird photography to the masses. Simply, it is the marriage of either a compact camera or DSLR to a telescope, of the type commonly used by birdwatchers, to take pictures. Bird magazines are now packed with images taken by this method. For many it is an affordable stepping stone to serious bird…

Katy B at iTunes

All the gear: what kit should you take to the gig?


In this second in a series of articles about music photography, Richard Gray discusses what gear to consider for music photography. See here for the first post, where he explains how to get started in music photography by getting access. All the gear and no idea, as the phrase goes. The amount of gear I…

Woman with tree as hair_FEAT

Portraits with Mobile Cameras


I read something the other day that made me think: that’s so true, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before! It was in an article by Craig Mod in the New Yorker. He was talking about portrait photography and the advent of viewfinder screens on the back of digital cameras. “You are no…


Street Photography – Etiquette and Taking Photos on the Sly


Taking photos on the sly How you decide to approach street photography will to a large extent depend on your personality. If you’re quite confident and don’t mind the occasional confrontation, you can do pretty much whatever you like. It’s worth being aware, however, that people’s attitudes and postures change if they realize they are…

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