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Shoot Sharp Images – Handheld Photography Techniques


START WITH A CLEAN LENS The lens focuses the light onto the imaging sensor. If there is any debris—dust, hair, water spots—the light that should pass through the lens can’t at that spot, and the image loses a little color and sharpness. You should always keep the glass surfaces of the lens clean. When not…


Keep Still! A Challenge of Close Up Photography Made Easier


KEEP STILL! Trying to get a sharp image of a wildflower defiantly dancing in a baffling breeze can generally drive the most laid-back photographer into involuntary utterances of impolite language. Sure, one can up the ISO to 1600, set the aperture to f/4, hope for a lull in the gale, and perhaps get a sharp…


Advantages and Applications of Flash in Close Up Photography


Close-up photographers accused of flashing are generally found innocent when even the judge comes to appreciate the splendid quality of light, the ease of creative control, and the remarkable improvement in close-up images that the modern flash can offer. The court will generally advise those close-up photographers only to keep their flash batteries well charged,…


September – October Photo Contest
Theme: Close Up Photography in Nature


To enter Focal Press’s September – October Photo Contest, please click here. Theme:  Close Up Photography in Nature Inspired by the book: Close Up Photography in Nature Guest Judges – John & Barbara Gerlach Grand Jury Winner: –          A copy of the book Close Up Photography in Nature –          $200 worth of Focal Press books…

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